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Benefits of Growing Your Own Medical Cannabis

medical marijuana

Self-cultivation of medical cannabis, in addition to being a very entertaining and relaxing hobby, allows us to avoid something that marijuana users are not aware of: the dreaded contaminants. According to multiple analyses, buds may have traces of fertilizers, pesticides, or heavy metals, depending on their origin.

Self-cultivation is not that difficult. You should look for the right seeds that will guarantee quality yield. There are multiple reputable seed banks in the us selling quality cannabis seeds. Organic cannabis cultivation may be a bit more expensive, but it is perfectly possible. Why take risks if they can be avoided?

Growing Marijuana Is Easy With Autoflowering Seeds

Many consumers do not even attempt cannabis cultivation because they believe it is difficult, expensive, and illegal. We are going to analyze these three points.marijuana

Is cultivation for self-consumption legal? In many countries, the self-cultivation of one or two plants for self-consumption is completely legal.

Growing cannabis is expensive. Anyone with a deck, garden, patio, or rooftop can grow medical marijuana. It is known as outdoor cultivation. For this, you only need space, good quality water – cannabis is a plant that fears lime, like hydrangeas – and a pot with specific soil for cannabis. Easy right?

Growing marijuana is difficult. The cultivation is complicated when you want to grow feminized cannabis seeds. These plants need a few hours of total light and darkness to enter into bloom. Luckily for beginners today, we have autoflowering seeds, also called automatic.

What are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are those that do not depend on the hours of light and dark to flower. They have a biological “clock” that activates flowering when the plant reaches a certain growth period. This greatly facilitates self-cultivation, especially outdoors.

Advantages of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  • They are small and compact plants that can be grown perfectly on any balcony or terrace.
  • They have short cycles – they enter flowering between two and four weeks of growth, allowing staggered crops to guarantee supply.
  • They are very resistant to adverse weather, and because they have such short cycles, they are also less prone to disease.
  • They bloom automatically in a short time.

Cannabinoid Percentages and Therapeutic Effects

Seed producersmedical marijuana usually indicate, in addition, to yield, size, and other characteristics, the THC: CBD ratio so that the buyer knows the percentages of each cannabinoid and the effects that can be expected from these plants. This is something you can regulate when you plant your own medical marijuana.

The cultivation of medicinal cannabis for self-consumption can be an entertaining and therapeutic hobby that can also help us relieve stress while taking care of the plants.…

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