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What Are Beanie Meanies and How to Consume Them

Psychedelics have always been used since the olden times. Because of their perceived ability to induce physical, mental, and spiritual healing, they played important roles in traditional medicine and religion. Psilocybin mushrooms are psychedelics that were used for divination and treatment. Until now, these are the same reasons some individuals use them but their use for recreational purposes has tremendously increased.

Recreational use of psychedelics is common everywhere else in the world. The feeling of euphoria derived from psychedelic use must be one of the reasons people are drawn to psychedelics, like magic mushrooms. Of all the strains of magic mushrooms, beanie meanie Australia is one of the more popular ones. It is a very potent psilocybin and according to users, it gives a feeling of enlightenment.

When consumed in low to moderate amounts, beanie meanie mushrooms can be a great way to enjoy your social life. You will experience both physical and mental stimulation to be able to last in night-long parties over the weekend or engage in interactive discussions. But beanie meanies have health benefits too. When microdosed, it can be a potent solution to depressive states and alcohol and substance abuse. It can also boost your energy, enhance cognitive functions, promote emotional balance, and improve creativity and performance.

With the all of the things that beanie meanies can do, you must be wondering how to consume them. Here are three ways you can consume beanie meanies.

Eat Them Whole and Fresh

Yes. You can eat beanie meanies straight up. But of course you should have washed them thoroughly before tossing them right into your open mouth. Chewing them adequately before swallowing will better as it will be absorbed and circulated faster. This will be speed up the results you all so wanted. Have your favorite beverage to enjoy eating those fresh beanie meanie.

Blend into Your Smoothie

Mixing it up with your favorite fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie will mask the taste of these psilocybin mushrooms. Aside from enjoying a cold and nutritious drink, you will soon get a euphoric feel in a short while as it can have faster results than eating your beanie meanies whole.

Drink As Tea

If you can consume beanie meanies in cold smoothies or juices, you can also consume them warm as tea. Yes. This good news to tea lovers. It is very easy to make a beanie meanie tea. You can boil them until they sink into the bottom. You have the choice of adding other flavors to make your tea more delicious.…

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