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Fun Facts of Testosterone and How It Affects Us

Muscle Guy With a Cup of Tea


             Testosterone is one of the primary sex hormones created in the testes (for males) as well as ovaries (for women). For males, testosterone plays a crucial role in developing male characteristics, i.e., deeper voice, increase in muscle mass, more robust bone density, height, growth of body hair, sexual drive, etc. Testosterone is linked by many to vitality and energy as it is a critical factor in achieving an erection for sexual activities. Additionally, testosterone is also used as a medication for hypogonadism in men and breast cancer in women.

             Many men have put their hopes on testosterone booster supplements as a way to regain their youth (and they are not wrong to do so). Testosterone booster-like testoprime booster is deemed a holy grail of vigor by the male species. They indeed can work wonders in treating low-testosterone-related problems, i.e., frail bones, sarcopenia, low libido levels, depression, lack of self-confidence, lack of facial hair, etc. The hormone is able to boost your libido to a youthful state and increase sperm productivity, thus resulting in an invigorated sex drive.

Several fun facts regarding testosterone:

Testosterone Is the Cause for You Wanting to Fight Over a Woman

History research has shown evidence that our ancestors, the neanderthal, used to compete with others over a potential mate. Our female ancestors’ instinct at the time was to mate with the stronger-more-dominant alpha to secure their survival.

Testosterone Raises Competitiveness

A study concluded an experiment between gamers that a losing side will have a testosterone spike, causing them to ask for a rematch while the winning side does not.

High-Level of Testosterone Can Cause Aggressiveness

Anger has always been associated with testosterone; steroid users are more prone to “roid rage” which is a testosterone-induced anger attack that may be harmful to the heart.

Testosterone Makes You Horny

Testosterone raises your libido levels, causing you to feel like you’re 16 again and experiencing adolescence—several cases of men who had high-testosterone levels experiencing involuntary erections from being around and talking to women.

Testosterone Can Cause Negative Thoughts and Emotions to Spike

Testosterone has been researched to prompt vindictive emotions and thoughts, even materializing them into action.

Testosterone Is Believed to Cause Anti-Social Behavior in Men

Scientist believes that testosterone caused men to behave anti-socially towards others who the men believed to be unworthy of their time and attention or beneath them.

The Bottom Line

             Testosterone can be a powerful ally or foe; it all comes down to ourselves as a person and how do we view it. A perfect balance must be achieved as too high levels of testosterone and too low levels of testosterone are both able to cause health problems.…

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